“Colours of Skiathos” Art Exhibition 2008

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After weeks of discussion and planning and a frantic few days of final preparation, The 2nd annual “Colours of Skiathos” Art Exhibition opened last night, with a wonderful, well-attended ceremony, presided over by the Mayor of Skiathos,Mr Nikolaos Plomaritis and other prominent local Municipal dignitaries.

It’s opening coincided with the start of ‘Navy week”; an annual festival that celebrates Skiathos’ long association with the sea; a week filled with nautical displays, official parades, commemorations, demonstrations, cultural events and general fun and frolics, all centred around the old port of Skiathos town. Fittingly, many of the art exhibits on show this year, carry a nautical theme.

The Mayor has kindly granted us permission to house a ‘permanent’ exhibition this time, inside the beautiful North Hall of the Bourtzi Cultural Centre and it will run for two whole months – until August 30th.

For the first time artists from other islands in the Northern Sporades (namely Skopelos and Alonnisos) have been invited to exhibit their work alongside the 40 or so local artists, thereby widening our our thriving creative community and strengthening the bond between us and the neighbouring islands.

We gained access to the hall only a few days before opening so getting everything ready on time required a mammoth effort on the part of a whole team of volounteers lead by the indefatigable Despina Mitselou. Time was of the essence and every detail had to be meticulously planned; carpenter Nikos worked like a Trojan to get all the wooden stands made (all 30 of them, according to Mary Dillons specifications; 2.25m high by 1.5m wide! ) and Costas Zembekis’ team rigged up a state of the art lighting system. We were also fortunate to have sponsors step in at the eleventh hour and they (Slip Inn, Casablanca, Infinity Blue restaurant, NVL and the Skiathos Palace hotel) provided invaluable financial and practical assistance.

Disaster almost struck when the hessian fabric (to cover the stands) we’d ordered from the mainland, failed to arrive on time. Then, just 48 hours before opening, I spotted a very comical but welcome sight; the local courier company’s tiny moped with 3 huge bales of fabric precariously balanced across the drivers foot-board, wobbling down hill, hot from the ferry port – and I knew all was not lost!

Here is the story in pictures and some of the artists with their work:

Thanks to the efforts of all involved, the exhibition (so far!) has proved a huge success and we hope to welcome many visitors throughout the summer.

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