“Navy Week” ends with a bang!


Gosh! WHAT a busy week!

“Navy Week” came to an end this evening with a wonderful buffet/reception held on the Bourtzi, and it closed with a spectacular firework display from the end of the ‘Dolphin’ Jetty, on the new port.



I was thrilled to accept an invitation from Mr Manolis Pantelakis,The Chief of the Port Authority and Mayor Nikolaos Plomaritis, to attend.

 I must just remark on how dashing and smart all the naval officers (who attended with their wives) looked, in their pristine white naval uniforms (Oh be still my beating heart! Thought I was on the set of ‘An officer and a Gentleman’  for a second and half expected Richard Gere to appear and sweep me off my feet any moment – well, a girl can dream can’t she?…..Must have been the wine!)



I don’t have many photos of the week’s events  (too tied up with the Art exhibition every evening, I’m afraid) but I did translate the programme of events into English for the organisers, so here is the diary of all that’s been happening on Skiathos, this past week:




 SUNDAY 29 JUNE 2008


08:00  Official Opening Ceremonywith the raising of the National Flag

In the Submarine “KATSONIS” area.


11:00            Memorial Service – with boatside ‘wreath-hurling’ into the sea

At the Statue of the Unknown Sailor


21:30  Choir Performance

At the Open-air theatre,Bourtzi.


            MONDAY 30 JUNE 2008


20:00   Exhibitions Opening Ceremony – with a prologue by Anna Deliyanni,

 At the Municipal Centre, “Bourtzi”


 Skiathos and the Sea           journey through Skiathos’ nautical history

(Opening daily for the duration of Navy Week, 19.00hrs – 22.00hrs)


Colours of Skiathos 2008 – an Art Exhibition of works by local artists

(Opening daily until August 30, 19.00hrs – 22.00hrs)


Organized and presented by:

The Municipality of Skiathos

The Municipal Culture Development Branch

The Union of Retirees N.A.T. of Skiathos



            TUESDAY  01 JULY 2008


20:30   Presentation – of traditional sailing boats.


21:00   Consecration of the Office of Retirees N.A.T. –

             At the Skiathos Old Harbour – Psaradika Fish Restaurant.


            WEDNSDAY  02 JULY 2008


19:00  “Deep Sea Clean-up” – of the Skiathos Harbour.

            Community-conscious volunteers are invited to participate.


20:30  Free Sea Tour

At the South Harbour – Skiathos.

            Sponsored by the Tourist Boat Union.


            THURSDAY 03 JULY 2008


19:00  Aquatic First-Aid Demonstrations – by professional Life-savers

            At the Bourtzi Swimming Area (below the Cafe).

Under the auspices of the Municipality of Skiathos


21:30  “Make a Wish” (Sea Lights).


            FRIDAY 04 JULY 2008


20:00  Sea-sports Athletic Demonstration

At the Skiathos Harbour.

            Presented by The Sea Sports Club and the Boat Rental

            Recreation group.


21:30            International Dance Festival

At the Open-Air Theatre, “Bourtzi”.


            SATURDAY 05  JULY 2008


20:30  Free Sea Tour

Skiathos South Harbor.

Sponsored by the Union of Tourist Boats


21:30            Philharmonic Band – Music Festival

At the Open-Air Theatre,  “Bourtzi”.


            SUNDAY  06 JULY 2008


19:00            Swimming Matches – Municipal Athletic Swim Team of Skiathos.


21:00            Awards Ceremony – the presentation of medals and diplomas       

At the Skiathos Municipal Council Hall, “Bourtzi”.


22:00  Official Reception

At the Open-Air Theatre, “Bourtzi”.


23:00            Fireworks Display

In the Skiathos Harbour area.


The Art Exhibition is proving to be a great success, with a steady stream of visitors – and many paintings sold already! If you visit, be sure to leave your comments in our ‘Visitors Book’ – your feedback is invaluable to us and we want to ensure that every year it gets better and better.


After tonight, things should be a little quieter as the island returns to normal. We had a spectacular electrical storm a couple of nights ago but only a light shower followed – not the heavy rain we all pray for (Skiathos badly needs it!) Not only is there a water shortage (and the season’s only just begun!) but the threat of fire is very real and we don’t want a repeat of the devastating fire that swept through Paraskevi Valley last year. It’s amazing how quickly the charred hills surrounding villa nicara have turned to green once again though it will be many years before the lush forests return, sadly.