“When are you next passing Crete?”

If, like me, you’ve spotted these words in a classified ad. at the back of a  glossy home-decorating magazine……. and if like me you became inspired by the accompanying tantalizing images of the over-large pots, or ‘pithoi’, offered for sale, you will understand my long-held desire to one day fill my own mediterranean terraces with such fine examples of grecian pottery.

Well, Crete passed by me today, in the form of a heavily laden van and a couple of ‘likely lads’, from the mainland, touting their wares through a loud megaphone. It resonated up and down the valley below and simply couldn’t be ignored.

I could barely contain my excitement but, remembering my bartering techniques acquired on a recent trip to Morocco –  I felt confident I would and could remain firmly in control!

After much head shaking, ‘tut-tutting’, tooth sucking, wild gesticulating, walking away with a convincing lack of enthusiasm (or so I believed anyway!) and, most important of all, my pleading of poverty (which at this stage of the build is not entirely untrue!) a deal was eventually struck, a bargain made (I think!) and an agreement reached, that suited all concerned.


The fact that I’m now the proud owner of far more large pots than I’d allowed for and that, along with all the palm trees that somehow managed to get included in the ‘final price’, there’s every possibility that the villa looks as though it belongs in Agadir rather than Skiathos, is neither here or there!

But, I have to say, they do look absolutely fabulous sited all around the new pool……


…….. and if that means I’m back on the bread and water for the next couple of weeks – well, so be it! They’re worth every penny ….

….and there’s an added bonus; I can sleep well at night now, safe in the knowledge that a very large family of ‘poor, starving children’, an ‘ailing, long-suffering, mother’ and ‘soon-to-be-departed grandmother’, somewhere on the mainland, will all be going to bed with full bellies tonight – and, more than likely, for several months yet to come!

(Ever felt you’ve been had?)

4 thoughts on ““When are you next passing Crete?”

  1. Hello Yvonne I too like your painting but I like your pots around the pool even more. The Minoan pottery is my study here in Crete helping in conservation by putting all the shards together in the hope there may be a complete ancient pot.Sometimes we are lucky.


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