Time for a holiday….

I must be the only English person on Skiathos who needs to go home to the UK for a holiday!

But home I must go…..my work here, for the time being anyway, is done (finally!) and I badly need some rest and recuperation. I must also see my family before they forget what I look like!

It has been a long arduous journey. Maddeningly frustrating at times, when, for every step forward. I seemed to be taking three steps back but that said, as I look around now at all we’ve managed to complete in such a relatively short time, I feel a huge sense of achievement. From this:

To this:

The villa, the pool, the studio, the landscaping are all but finished – though there’s still much planting to do – and though I say so myself, I think it all looks pretty amazing!

The island has proved a wonderful place to be and the friends I have made along the way, with their constant, all-embacing support and encouragement have shown me that Skiathos is indeed a very special place and one that I feel very privileged to be able to live in.

I shall return after a month or so, ready to start the art classes and painting holidays in earnest with a (hopefully!) new-found energy and fresh enthusiasm and this time without the distraction of cement-mixers and builders rubble! I look forward to meeting new artists (and would-be ones) and to continuing my love affair with this magical part of the world and it’s generously welcoming people.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my week by week account of my new venture and that you’ve been sufficiently inspired so that one day you may decide this is somewhere you would like to visit (and paint!) too. A warm welcome awaits you at Villa Nicara.

I’ve been busy working on a couple of new paintings. These are two I’ve just completed which I’ll add to the current exhibition on the Bourtzi (to replace the ones that have been sold):

‘Skiathos Dancers in Traditional Dress’

oil on canvas, size 1m10 x 76cm

‘Skiathos Dancers’ Detail 1

‘Skiathos Dancers’ Detail 2

‘Olive Tree’ oil on canvas 60 x 80cm – SOLD

‘Olive Tree’ Detail 1

‘Olive Tree’ Detail 2

‘Olive Tree’ Detail 3

I now feel my own stand better lives up to the exhibition title of ”COLOURS OF SKIATHOS’

If you’re visiting the island do try to visit – it will run till the end of August – and new works are added all the time.

Also, fellow English artisit Gail Stathakis is holding her first solo exhibition; ‘The Skiathos Dream’ at the ‘Archipelagos Gallery’ (newly acquired by the charming Tassos Bifkinis and his delightful wife, ViVi) in Skiathos town. Be sure not to miss it – It is a wonderful opportunity to see Gail’s exquisite pastel drawings of Skiathos landscapes. Earlier in the week I attended her opening night. here are some photos of the event:

There’s another general exhibition of Skiathos artists work being planned for mid August (this time at Evangelistria Monastery, hopefully ) so I have lots of painting to do…not to mention a new website to build….

But for now, I’m ready to get on that plane, leave the sunshine, beaches, olive groves all behind, head for home….and get some SLEEP!

(back soon!)

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  1. Congratulations Yvonne A huge undertaking and it looks lovely – a job well done. We’re happy for you.
    Eleanore and Paul


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