Greek wedding – ‘Mamma Mia’ style

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Talk about things coming out of the blue! If there’s one word to describe life on a Greek island, ‘dull’ would not be it!

 There I was, happily painting away, totally absorbed, in my studio with only a cd player and some classical music for company when my mobile rang, and a frantic voice at the other end informed me ‘We’ve got a donkey on a truck, can we bring it to your olive grove and will you help us decorate it for a wedding? The bride wants to arrive at the church (near your house) on him – Oh, and did I mention we’ve only got about 20 minutes till the ceremony starts?” !!

Well you don’t get requests like that every day, so of course I said


 I downed my brushes, rushed to the tool shed , grabbed the pliers and set-about snipping off olive branches. The truck (plus donkey!) arrived, stopping the traffic and causing quite a commotion on the road, much to the amusement of the tourists returning from their day at the beach.

The donkey arrives

The donkey arrives

Within minutes he was transformed with bunches of white oleander, fronds of olive, pearls and cream silk ribbon.

ready to go

ready to go

A white hand-crocheted lace coverlet was thrown over his saddle and, before he had time to complain, and he was whisked off again, to the rear of the church where the bride was waiting.

She made her entrance in good time and looked so beautiful she brought gasps of admiration and cheers from the gathering crowd of on-lookers. It was a truly memorable sight and the simple wedding was small, intimate and elegant.

the tiny church

the tiny church

The wedding was such a simple, magical and private affair that I’ve been asked not to publish any pictures of the happy couple but the image of the bride and groom emerging from the beautiful old stone church, bathed in the rosy twighlight of a setting sun, to a shower of rice and white rose petals, provided an image I’ll remember for a long time to come…..

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  1. Will you be giving any icon painting classes in 2009 please?A friend of mine who lives part time in Glossa(Skop.) is taught this art by Vassilius from Skiathos.And I’d love to have a go. But Glossa is inconvenient. Thanks.


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