Theatre Workshop – update

Yet another eventful day!

 This morning, the Theatre Workshop we worked so hard to make happen finally  took place at the local high school. Under the  expert direction of Mr George Slimistinos, visiting from Heidlberg, Germany, a group of  Skiathos youngsters were put through their paces and what a great time was had by all.

In the space of just a few hours they quickly lost all inhibitions and initial nerves and began to express themselves through excersises in improvisation, body movement and voice coaching. They received instruction in all forms of dance including ballet, Laban technique and body popping hip hop. They made music and rythmns  with rudimentary percussive instruments to an accompanying african drum beat. They experimented with humour, ‘clowning’ about in red noses and even, on a more serious note,  enjoyed an introduction to the opera, listening to, learning and finally singing a chorus from Mozart’s ‘Abduction of the Seraglio’.

Working both individually and in small groups they were not only eager to soak up all that was being offered to them but also to display what huge talent, as a young group interested in all aspects of the theatre,  they possess! I’m confident Mr. Slimistinos will be invited back on his next visit to Skiathos to continue his good work and in the meantime the group will continue to mount their productions with renewed vigour using the invaluable techniques he brought to them…….so watch this space!

So now, with all the scheduled events for this week, completed and  with more painting guests arriving next Friday and, Oh yes, the next Art Exhibition looming next weekend (which I’m now beginning to panic about!)  it’s my intention, for the coming week, to lock myself in the studio and PAINT!

Of course, this being Skiathos….well, the ‘phone could ring and who knows what other exciting and irisistible distractions lie in store………..?