Gloom and Zoom

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The glorious colours of autumn have all but faded……


Cold dark mornings, shorter days, low grey skies, relentless rain, biting wind, slippery streets sodden with soggy autumn leaves etc etc…..(Sigh)

No, I’m not describing Skiathos (where it appears everyone is enjoying the delights of an unusually warm Indian summer) I’m talking about London of course where I’ve returned to see out the winter. Doom and gloom prevails, pervading every aspect of life here, the result no doubt of the dire state of the economy (amongst other things) and the appalling amount of social tragedies which appear to be growing with unprecedented frequency. Everyone here seems to be slipping into a state of hopeless despair and depression and with no sign of anything but a bleak outlook on the horizon, for the forseeable future anyway, it’s hardly surprising.

In such a climate, creativity is sometimes hard to harness; I’ve picked up my paints and brushes several times in the last few weeks but so far the muse has eluded me. So I turned instead to a new toy; a very complicated camera and I was determined to first decipher the wordy manual (Has anyone actually read and understood one?!!!) before attempting to use at least some of the many features it promised to amaze me with. The next problem I faced was what to capture? Loving bright colours as I do and the bright, clear light and sharp contrasts found uniquely on a Greek island, it is hard to conjure up enthusiasm when constantly engulfed, as we are here, in the thick dull blanket of grey that descends on this city in winter. It’s so dark and gloomy outside and indoors I have to have the lamps lit all day. Then I spotted a beam of light filtering through the glass perfume bottles on my dressing table and I finally found some inspiration.

These photos are the result and I hope you’ll agree they are colourful enough to brighten up even the most dreary of dismal November days. They certainly cheer me up!

Glass Perfume Bottles - blue

Glass Perfume Bottles - blue

Glass Perfume Bottles - Swedish

Glass Perfume Bottles - Swedish

Glass Perfume Bottles - Italian

Glass Perfume Bottles - Italian

Hand-Blown Murano Glass 'Sweeties'

Hand-Blown Murano Glass

You can see the whole collection at my IMAGEKIND GALLERY


Plans are afoot for a very exciting season for ‘Painting Skiathos’ next spring. I’m in the process of organising some fabulous new workshops and as soon as they’re finalised I’ll be posting the details here, so watch this space.

In the meantime keep warm and keep painting!

2 thoughts on “Gloom and Zoom

  1. Great cheerful photographs, what’s the camera? I never use manuals, they are written in a strange, incomprehensible language. As for the depressing stuff, one can only hope that the writers of manuals will turn to journalism, we would be better off 😉 Hope you get your painting mojo back soon, hopefully we will get some crisp, frosty days.


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