Up,Up and Away!

Hi everyone,
Sorry its been so quiet around here; I’m back in the UK once again – just for a short visit. Getting off the island ‘off’ season can be a bit tricky at times. I had a connection to make at night in Athens and was booked to fly there from Skiathos in the afternoon, with Olympic. But there was a sudden bad weather warning the night before and I was strongly advised, to be on the safe side, to take the Dolphin to Aghios Konstantinos at the crack of dawn (and thence a coach trip to the capitol), instead.

In the end, I decided to risk it and put my faith in the Greek airline (despite their being notorious for cancelling a flight without warning or explanation at the eleventh hour!). Happily, as it turned out, the weather was perfect, the 1/2 flight to the mainland was completely trouble-free and, high above the clouds, glorious sunshine all the way!

I managed to take some aerial shots on the approach to Athens and if you’re not familiar with the topography of the area, or only know it in Summer when its hot and dusty, you may be interested to see it now, all lush and green.

Note the snow still on the mountain tops:


Is that sea blue or is it BLUE!


As you’d expect, lots of farms – but for wind!


Turning right at Glyfada:


….And there she was! (only sorry I couldn’t catch sight of the Acropolis)


A safe landing was followed an 8 hour wait in the airport lounge – tedious! (but with IKEA just moments away some of the time was put to good use!) ……..and at least I hadn’t had to face the high seas……

I’ll be back soon….

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