Red and Yellow and Pink and Green….

I’m back in Skiathos!  Exhausted and hungry from a long day’s traveling, I arrived this evening, slipping under a thick blanket of cloud, to land on an island showing none of the vibrant colours I usually associate with Skiathos, especially in the Spring. Perhaps I was just too tired or maybe it was too late in the day…..but being so over-cast, everything looked disappointingly dull. I couldn’t help noticing also, how ‘dull’ some of the photos are, that I’ve posted on here lately.

So, time for for a bright injection of colour, I think. – to cheer us all out of the winter blues:


Here’s a very colourful painting (in acrylics on canvas) that I did last year. Some of you may remember it and I’m hoping even more of you will recognise where it is and have it on your list (as I do) as one of your favourite places to eat on the island. With its fabulous, original, eclectic decor, filled from floor to ceiling with bric-a-brac, and collectibles (and every possible surface painted with flowers, figures and scenes from nursery rhyme and fairy tales, by my friend, artist Despina Mtselou) It is of course, the famous ‘Maria’s Pizza’, situated just behind Skiathos Town’s main church – the Church of the Treis Hierarches ( ‘Three Bishops’). Unfortunately its not open yet (roll on Easter!) but Gosh!  How I could murder a plate of Maria’s famous piping hot ‘Pasta with Prawns in Ouzo Cream’, right now…mmmm… and then there’s her wonderfully mouth-watering garlic bread, oozing with gooey cheese…and deep-fried breaded mushrooms…..and – Oh STOP!

Cup-a soup, then straight to BED for me tonight!

One thought on “Red and Yellow and Pink and Green….

  1. Very vibrant painting, I have some lovely artwork featuring childrens nursery rhymes that are very old music pages that I got framed up because I loved them…your painting has that sort of feel. Love it. I have never been to Maria’s ……so another thing to add to my list! It all sounds lovely, hope you are a little more recovered now…
    I do think the time of year is tiring, sunshine is required right now… ChrissyX


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