Painting Courses Resume

This week the painting courses resumed, beginning with Mary Dillon’s popular water colour master classes.


Mary, Gill and Lida

Under Mary’s watchful eye and her expert guidance, we learned how to employ her unique and very expressive style. Encouraged to pick her trademark subjects (flowers and fruit) from around the garden we returned with them to the studio…….


to concentrate on ‘capturing their essence’ by painting them using her very ‘loose and free’ flowing technique.



Working at speed with Mary’s charming Irish brogue egging us on with  ‘Quickly now! As quick as you can! Don’t think about it too much!’ and ‘Just FEEL your subject’ we were all inspired by her obvious passion and it was a very useful (though often frustrating excersise for slow deliberate painters such as Lida and myself!) but all part of the learning process. By the time we took a coffee break …….


we were beginning to feel suitably proud of our efforts!



On Day 3 Lida surprised us with a glorious collection of fruit gathered from her own extensive gardens, here on the island….


and the hours ran away with us as we each became totally absorbed in our ambitious attempts to capture them all in a still life painting:


(work in progress)

There was much friendly laughter, chatter  and comparing of notes over lunches on the terrace, once the morning sessions were over. Now these courses have ended and Mary returns to Ireland tomorrow –  but we all eagerly anticipate her return to the island for further courses next September.

Sign up in plenty of time if you’d like to join us then.

Next week the first of my own classes get underway……so watch this space and I’ll be back soon with more updates…..

2 thoughts on “Painting Courses Resume

  1. Well, I think I have just about caught up now, some fascinating updates! I really enjoyed looking at the exhibition photographs, it looks like lots of hard work but a lot of fun too. I smiled at your painting course updates and Mary saying “quickly now”. Especially as I have been trying to slow myself down in my own art…but that is another story. Lovely to see the vibrancy of Skiathos and the art 😀


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