A few posts back (“Out with the Old, in with the Miu”) I mentioned that  young, trendy and very stylish cafés and shops are beginning to appear all over Skiathos town, alongside the more traditional tavernas and souvenir/gift shops. Well today, I came across another little gem. Tucked away in a tiny alley (beside the Town hall), ‘Mikrokosmos’ (literally translated, it means ‘little People’) is the cutest little shop selling unique and mostly hand crafted items.


Despite its name, there is something for everyone here; scarves, hand-made crafts of all shapes and sizes, unique items of jewelery, accessories, ornaments and all manner of objets d’Art. The eye-catching, pretty exterior:


is matched with an exciting, jam-packed interior, where everything is beautifully displayed:


It is vibrant and colourful just like its young owner, Alexandra, who makes and sells gifts to suit every taste and pocket.


Of course there are plenty of gift ideas for ‘little people’ too – its a veritable Aladdin’s cave – and its  SO pretty! –


and while Alexandra did her best to convince me she isn’t an artist ‘because she ‘doesn’t paint’ (though she’s keen to attend my art classes) it’s clear she is naturally highly creative……..


….and definitely has an artist’s ‘eye’.

In these turbulent economic times, people are returning  to simpler pleasures and ‘handicrafts’ are suddenly enjoying a huge revival. This little shop should do very well.

I wish Alexandra every success!

11 thoughts on “Mikrokosmos

  1. helloo to everyone =]] I visited in Skiathos last summer and I really loved it… everything is amazing .. and I confess that I was jealous of this amazing work .. for the island i haven’t got any words…just visit you will understand that it is a treasure


  2. That is a very cute little store.

    The only unfortunate thing is the art on the sign (the girl w/ bubblegum); that picture was painted by an American artist named Emily Martin, who has a shop on etsy called The Black Apple. (Full disclosure: Emily is my girlfriend, and I work with her.) I guess somebody in Greece found that picture online and thought, “What the hay…No harm no foul, right?”

    The internet is such a weird thing, when somebody in Greece can find an image by an American artist; somebody can “appropriate” that image; and the artist will find out about the “appropriation” on a third party’s blog.

    Your blog is great, by the way. I just wanted to comment on how weird it is to see such a familiar (to me) image in such an unfamiliar place.


    • Thank you for pointing that out, Josiah. As an artist myself, I feel very strongly about ‘appropriation’ of another’s images. I’m sure it was used in all innocence – but I’ll have a word with the owner nevertheless. Best Regards, Yvonne.


  3. I totally agree, what a gem of a shop. So original, I purchased a traditional windmill and a lovely little pot. Alexandra is a love


  4. Hi Yvonne,
    Well done for promoting both enterprise and heritage of Skiathos. You’ve really captured the little piece of heaven for all of us to share! Thank you!


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