This week at the Archipelagos Gallery

Two new and exciting exhibitions opened at the Archipelagos Gallery in Skiathos Town last week.

The first, on the ground floor, shows the latest work of talented, young, jewellery designer, Hellen Papachristou, from Volos, mainland Greece:



Hellen (often mistaken for ‘Sex and the City’s’ ‘Carrie!) displays her original designs and fine workmanship,

using precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and even burnished titanium!

(N.B. All photos © Yvonne Ayoub. All designs © Hellen Papachristou)







On the upper floor of the gallery, the work of Greek/American artist Pantelis Dimitriou is on display


Pantelis is an accomplished artist/portrait painter who, at his Athens studio, works in a variety of media but this his latest collection is compiled from a series of his black and white, politically and socially radical and satirical drawings. Skillfully executed, the drawings are full of minute detail and, despite  at first glance, their cartoon-like, comedic appearance they carry  thought-provoking, conscience-pricking and  powerful messages. They require considerable time to be fully appreciated and comprise a fine body of work indeed!