Artist Spotlight – Costis Hatzioannou


‘Seagull’ © Costis Hatzi0annou

Regular followers of this blog will know that from time to time I like to draw attention to the work of  an exceptional ‘Skiathos’ artist .

Well today the spotlight falls on the truly remarkable talent of  COSTIS HATZIOANNOU.

Costis was born in Halkida, Greece , where his parents settled, having , unfortunately, been forced to leave E.Turkey in 1922.
In his youth a deep love of the sea was, to a great extent, due to the influence of his grandfather’s stories of his life as sea captain and shipowner. As a result, he became a Merchant Marine Captain, traveling the world.
His love for painting was initiated by his artistic mother who sent him from an early age to study under Angelos Kalogiannis, a Halkidian artist and painter.
Over the years he was involved in many group Exhibitions until in 1997 he decided to “drop anchor” on Skiathos Island, where he opened the Art Gallery “Dimiourgies” (Creations) enabling him to exhibit his paintings as well as the creative works in various mediums of other Greek artists.
As he says , his daily contact with the beauty of nature of Skiathos has helped him to express his inner most emotions on canvas.
He is a member of the Club for UNESCO of Art,Literature and Science of Greece

Costis takes inspiration from his immediate surroundings. With his exceptional skill – his clear mastery of technique, composition and use of colour –  he captures the very essence of Skiathos with a faultless, almost ‘photographic’ accuracy yet his work is always cleverly tempered by a touches of the unexpected and very often, evidence of his keen sense of humour! He is a prolific painter and his wonderful work reflects and records all aspects of life on this beautiful island, be it in his breathtaking landscapes and seascapes:

Skiathos--Plakes b

‘Skiathos – Plakes ‘ © Costis Hatzi0annou


‘Calm-in-Xanemo’ © Costis Hatzi0annou

His handling of intricate architectural detail in the old town:


‘Blue-door-open ‘ © Costis Hatzioannou

Door gb

‘Door’ © Costis Hatziannou

His originality of subject matter, mastery of shadows and application of texture:


‘Wild Flowers’ © Costis Hatzioannou


‘Wall Ornaments’ © Costis Hatziannou

Or  in the brilliant colours of the fishing caiques in calm waters:


‘Gathering’ © Costis Hatzi0annou

And portrayal of islanders going about their daily life:

Bus stop 1

‘Bus Stop’ © Costis Hatzioannou

All the works shown here are currently for sale. You can contact Costis directly at:

Phones:24270-24243/ Mob: 6946441801 Email:

You can see more of Costis’ work by visiting the website of his  beautiful ART GALLERY ‘DIMIOURGIES’ (CREATIONS):



if you have the opportunity to visit his gallery in Skiathos town yourself,  invariably you will find Costis himself, at his easel quietly working on his latest masterpiece. He genuinely welcomes visitors and the opportunity to discuss not only his own work but that of all the other fine artists he represents and whose work also adorns his walls.  Not only is he an outstanding artist, but he’s one of the most charming, quiet-spoken, self-effacing men I have ever had the good fortune to know!


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  1. Costis and his doorway-art is a great personal inspiration to me. I’m glad I found him again here. A delightful artist to spend time with. A treasured memory from May ’07. The start of my personal journey back into art.


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