Last Guests of the Summer….

Hello Everyone – I’m Back!

I know I promised you a ‘very special post’ at the end of September but I’m afraid it’s not quite ready (I’m still working on it!) so I thought I’d fill you in with a little bit about my last few days of teaching for this year, first.

Come August, with its unusually soaring temperatures this year, although by now anxious to get started on my exciting new ‘project’, I still had work to do. My regular young Skiathos student, Marialena, continued to visit each week, keen as ever to try her hand at new techniques.

Her wonderful sense of colour, increasingly free use of paint and brushwork and unstoppable enthusiasm continue to amaze me – in one so young!

I also still had a few guests arriving. My dear friend Carole, the Scottish glass artist, returned this year, on retreat this time and she soon felt right at home quickly settling into the new studio where she would lose herself for hours on end, in her her own creative world, with only odd gecko and the cd player for company:

She’d brought a friend with her this time, the lovely Jane, who to begin with was content just to de-stress from her busy life back home by lounging at the pool, soaking up the sun and reading her way through an armful of novels. But once the art classes got underway, in the shade of the nearby pine tree, she became keen to try her hand at painting too after a very long break.

Having little confidence in her ability, after very little tuition, she soon completed her first ever painting. I think she surprised herself with the beautiful works of art she managed to create.

We were also joined by Mindy and Jon, a delightful young couple they were already holidaying on Skiathos and initially only popped in for one or two morning sessions.  But by the end of the week they were having so much fun they decided to move in too and extend their holiday.

The group was completed by the effervescent Patricia – a young Greek/Canadian Skiathos resident who also hadn’t painted for years but quickly refound her confidence and despite pressing work commitments, always over-ran the hourly class she’d allotted herself.

The rest of us would spend many a long leisurely breakfast on the terrace putting the world to rights, before getting down to any actual work. But once we settled down and the paints were out, the results were satisfyingly good all round.

With afternoons free there was plenty of time to explore the island or just stretch out on a sandy beach. But we all got on so well that most evenings were spent in eachother’s company too, at various Tavernas, where the wine flowed as freely as the good spirits,  friendship and infectious laughter.

I was genuinely sad to see them all go when the time came….I couldn’t have wished for a happier note to end on what had turned out to be a very busy, but immensely productive, summer.

Finding myself suddenly alone once again, on a sudden impulse I decided to return to London briefly to surprise my family, who were celebrating my husbands’s BIG birthday and my dear sweet mother’s even bigger one (87th!) without me.

The week away, a complete change of scenery (and temperature!) was enough to completely recharge my batteries and set me up; I returned completely refreshed,  all fired up and ready for the very exciting task that now lay ahead.  At last the time had come……..

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    • Aw, Thank you, Steve – yes she’s such a sweetie…it was so wonderful having her here again last week…still can’t quite believe it! Are you still on the island? It would be lovely to catch up….Yvonne x


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