Where There’s a Will……..

Well here we are, almost two weeks into the new year already,  hope you all had a happy, peaceful holiday and the chance of a good, well-earned rest!

Now that all the Christmassy trinkets, tinsel and twinkly lights been stored away for another year, the very, very last of the pine needles have been swept away (hopefully!) and space has (miraculously!) been found to accommodate even more paraphernalia (why do we accumulate so much STUFF!),  ‘normal’ Life can resume.

I say ‘normal’ but if, like me, you’ve started the year with the very best of intentions (don’t you just hate New Year resolutions?) Life probably doesn’t feel anything like ‘normal’ right now!

First on my list? To rediscover the body I had at 19 (it must be in there somewhere!)

(yes, hard to imagine I know, but that really was me!)

I must lose at least two stone before summer when I know I’m going to have to expose a bit more flesh than the gap between ankle and legging (which is, presently, all that I dare reveal!):

I’ve made a good start; I finally off-loaded – and BANNED from the house – all wickedly fattening and tempting goodies:

AND (I must be mad) I’ve committed to weekly Zumba classes (great deal from Groupon!). My body is already aching all over and my head’s swimming –  and that’s just from signing up! (Or is it from lack of sugar? I could murder a sticky bun right now –  I’m starving!)….

Next on the list? To finish all the things I started in 2011 (as if!) …

1) The Book I’m writing, for one, the novel. Then there’s the children’s book which I’m also illustrating and the poetry anthology (almost done!), the family history (needs more research) the collection of short stories (précis and précis again!)…the blogs, the websites…. the travel pieces….

(Dream on, Yvonne…..)

2) There are 3 painting commissions to complete and the series of Middle Eastern paintings I started last November with a view to exhibiting end Jan:



(Although….come to think of it, April’s probably a better month – or maybe July.. September even!)

3) There’s the decorating of the house –  and this time without changing my mind about the paint colour, half way round a room! (Although, to be fair, we did buy the new sofas ‘after’ we started – and I didn’t have the brilliant Dulux App on my Iphone then which identifies any paint colour you take a photo of while you’re out and about)

4) The Big Annual Clear-out of the Closets (now that one, I’d almost completed till the ‘children’ moved back home, Grandpa moved in and very generous Santa visited and… well, OK, yes, I may have ventured out to one or two January sales)

(image from an excellent blog on de-cluttering: Wild Ruffle,com)

and it’s true what they say, you know: wire coat hangers really do reproduce in wardrobes overnight!

5) Then the dreaded DIY: fixing all the niggly things that need attention and we’ve learned to live with (or ignore): The beeping smoke alarms (no batteries?), the noisy boiler, the leak in the roof, the loose stair spindle, the sticky drawers, the missing cupboard handles, the broken bathroom tiles and the ceiling spots that are too high to reach……etc etc….

The list goes on. It’s endless but It’s all got to be done – and that’s the problem!

Setting goals is all well and good but they have to be realistic, achievable ones ….and Life does have a habit of getting in the way: businesses don’t run themselves, bills have to be paid, meals have to be shopped-for and cooked, laundry done, letters written, relatives visited and friendships nurtured – and that’s before leisure, hobbies or having fun (don’t even get me started on attending to emails, Facebook or Twitter!)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up just yet – but all this pressure, at the darkest, most miserable time of year when all I REALLY want to do is blob on the sofa, watch mindless drivel on the box:

stuff my face with comfort food and day-dream about the sunny climes staring up at me from the piles of holiday brochures (OMG, must clear under the coffee table too!)– well, it’s no wonder even the best of intentions are doomed to fail!

Remembering that old maxim:

‘I’m not a failure because I didn’t make it – I’m a success because I tried!’

I’ll certainly give it my all, my very, very best shot, I PROMISE!

But right now, just today, surely ONE teeny, weeny, WEENY bite of sticky bun won’t hurt……

Will it?

14 thoughts on “Where There’s a Will……..

  1. Go Girl!….. you even make “blobbing” on the sofa an art form!…… there are enough out there denying you what you would wish for, why join them?…… 🙂

    Happy New Year!……….

    (am liking those desert paintings, good light!..)


  2. Greetings from NYC! My friend recommended that I check out your blog and some of the amazing pictures that you post, and I am so happy that I did. I am very excited to visit in the future and see more.

    On a side note, I spent my day today cleaning out all kinds of delicious treats as well. Is it strange that I like reading about your commitment and complete ban on such things, but that I am oddly mesmerized by your pictures of food that are up on this post as well? Ha.

    Thanks for having such a fabulous blog, and I look forward to reading more in the future – excited for the next art pics!


    • Gosh, Thanks so much NYB (and thanks to your friend) – so glad you stopped by!I loved your blog too; the next time my other half asks me what I’d like for my birthday, I know exactly what I’m going to say. A birthday in NY? Wow! How cool would that be!!!


  3. Beautiful as usual Yvonne! I love your new work. The paintings just make me want to climb right inside them, to be there… But I am right there beside you on that path to luscious Goddess-ness (ha!) … less weight, more exercise, xx sinfully delish goodies xx. I look forward to hearing more about your novel! So many wonderful things to look forward to in this intriguing year spread out before us. I hope to see you in the midst of it all! xxxx Eleanore


    • OOh Eleanore, Thank you but you are SO much further down that path that me – a body to die for and a novel already under your belt- but don’t you go and get off the path now (she says selfishly) I need you there up ahead me, to keep reminding me what I’m aiming for!!!! Looking forward to seeing you in May (with any luck though, you might not recognise me!)LOLx


  4. dear yvonne reading your blogg this time made me dizzy 🙂 good luck i am going to stick with yummy food for bit longer sending you lots of love xxxx goli


  5. Wow! Where was that first picture taken? Morocco by the sea? Yes, stay away from those deserts and you will get back to that figure! I have lost 30 pounds (slowly) but I did it by finding something that I really like to snack on and to eat that is good for me.


    • Thank, AnnaLisa – that’s just what I needed to keep on track….I’m determined to do it! 30lbs?!!! That definitely deserves Congratulations – Well Done! Oh, and the photo was taken in Dubai, when it was just a small, sleepy fishing village surrounded by desert…..(a looooong time ago!!!)


      • Come on now…it wasn’t that long ago. You are still beautiful plus you have the wisdom and experience that can only come with age. You are blessed, not all women age as well 😉


      • Ha! I wish that were so, AnnaLisa -you’re too kind! But I will accept the compliment….not because I think it’s true – but because the ‘wisdom’ you mention has at least taught me one thing: that believing in any possibility is the first step to actually making it happen! So, once again – I thank you


  6. Yvonne – yup – this is so refreshing – Thank goodness that along side all the clearly wonderful intentions you’ve still held onto a little humanity that someone like me – can still relate to! There’s always tomorrow!


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