A Day in an Artist’s Life…..

My life, here in London, is very different from the one I live on the island. Surrounded as I am by all the wonderful and exciting things this amazing city has to offer, you probably think my days are filled with cultural pursuits, shopping, dining out etc – Well, I’d like to think that too ( and some days, to be honest, it is!) but, I’ll let you into a secret, in truth, although full of the best of intentions, most of my days are much more likely to pass like this:

Up at the crack of dawn, I leap out of bed, fully charged, energised and ready to take on the world! Bring it on!!

Er, No! Actually, the only energy I’m likely to exert is on killing the D**n alarm clock before retreating right back under the covers :

I’d like to say I’m up and about first thing and off for a bracing run in the park, filling my lungs with fresh air and sunshine, full of the joys of spring:

Whereas, in truth, I’m more likely to waste those precious early hours….. as I rarely surface before midday:

And no! No healthy fruit/yoghurt/wheat germ/vitamin ‘Power shake’/ cardboard slice/ detox tea breakfast for me:

I NEED CAFFEINE, just to blink!! It’s all I can do to locate the kettle (never mind the kitchen!) and stay awake long enough for it to boil:

And I know I SHOULD be in my studio by 9.00am, painting away all morning, to the strains of Chopin on my Iplayer:

But the truth is, it takes me so long to wake up,  I’m more likely to be mindlessly glued to the computer, endlessly checking and re-checking emails and battling a Facebook and twitter addiction…long, long after my third hit of caffeine……(where does the time go when your online?!!)

I do, however manage to shower and dress eventually –  and  sometimes even hit the shops:

But no, sadly, no Bond Street of Harrods for me.  My shopping mostly entails hauling a heavyweight of groceries home, in the pouring rain:

And much as I’d like to think of myself as an accomplished cook, able to serve up gourmet delights, on silver platters, in an elegant candle-lit dining room:

It’s a miracle if I manage to feed the hungry throng at all –  and if I do, it’s generally hastily, on their laps, in front of the box….:

….before dashing off to my Zumba class, where at last I have a chance to shine:

But a quick glance in the mirror soon brings me firmly back down to earth with a thud (quite literally, all too often!):

And at the end of what should have been a long fulfilling and industrious day, when I KNOW I should be tucked in bed  and getting my 8 hours of beauty sleep:

In reality, My REAL day  is actually, only  just beginning:

With the rest of the family safely tucked in for the night, I climb the stairs to my little studio……It’s amazing how much one can achieve, without demands or distraction,  while working through the wee hours!

Anyway, the way I look at it;  so long as I’m in bed by 4.00am – getting up at midday should still allow enough time for some beauty sleep. Right?

I’m sure I’m not alone – so I’ll dedicate this post to all my fellow insomniacs out there….who should be getting up….. let’s see, right about now.

Good ‘Morning’ all!!!

20 thoughts on “A Day in an Artist’s Life…..

  1. Hi Yvonne,

    Good to see your sense of humour through your art!……..:)
    Wonderful how you manage to capture so much movement when the subject shows so little!….LOL

    I should also point out that I’m sure I know your soul sister!…:)



  2. Oh Yvonne! That post was fantastic. And your drawings absolutely brilliant – you did make me laugh. I love hearing about your life – and when ‘Painting Skiathos’ pings into my inbox – I just have to stop work and see what you’ve been up to. Keep posting – you make me smile!!!

    Wendy Brook (fellow Skiathos lover) xxx


  3. I am smiling 🙂 What an incredible post..the cartoons are brilliant. So full of vibrance and humour. I cannot do the getting up late…for lots of reasons but, I so resonate with the last one….and the third one. I may have to get up early but it is under duress and I crawl. LOL I envy anyone that captures moments like this XX


    • Lol Chrissy! I also have done my time, for many years, getting up and rushing out in the dark, in my ‘working’ days – perhaps my nocturnal habits now are a direct result of that! I know it’s not good really, health wise if nothing else, but it does tend to be more of a ‘winter’ thing; hibernating (my mother always said I must have been a hedgehog in another life!) I’m certainly not like this in Skiathos!! Glad you liked the drawings…a welcome relief after the intense concentration I needed for the ‘Venice’ painting! keep well, Much love Y.xx


      • The shape of things to come for me maybe…I have always hated mornings LOL! 5 weeks!! Great fun and I love how action packed they are and all the movement…maybe easier for you ~ for me, these would be intense concentration 😉


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