‘One Lovely Blog’ Award – Thank you!

Hi Everyone!

I’m so thrilled to announce that PAINTING SKIATHOS has been awarded the prestigious ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ !

One Lovely Blog

To accept, I must do three things:

1. Thank the person who nominated me.

2. Write 7 random facts about myself.

3. Nominate up to 15 other blogs for the Award.

So here goes…

Thank you so much AMANDA LEE  for thinking my blog worth promoting and for all your kind words. I’m truly humbled and very much obliged!

(Please check out her wonderful blog:  THE WOMEN ARCHIVE – Investigating women, femininity and much more within contemporary culture)

Here are 7 random facts about me:

1.I’m an avid reader – especially of poetry

2. I generally survive on 3 – 4 hours sleep a night


3. I’m passionate about the Arts but about democracy and fundamental human rights too

and I do actually care about my planet.

4. I speak Arabic (my husband of 35 years is Lebanese)

5. I’m a very proud mother of 2:

6. Maple Brazils and Liquorice Allsorts are my guilty pleasure

(but not necessarily together!)

7. I once went on a date with Julio Iglesias. We shared a ‘Lindy’s famous cheese cake’, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

(but sorry, never did get a photo….so here’s one of my adorable and faithful friend Percy, instead):

And here are the blogs I nominate (in no particular order). Worthy recipients all, they’re mostly by fellow artists, writers and photographers, who not only give me hours of pleasure (and fill me with inspiration and admiration for their incredible talents!) but also provide constant encouragement, with their overwhelming kindness and generosity! This is my opportunity to say ‘Thank you!’ to them. 

Please check them out:

Jackie’s in France  

The Art of Chrissy Marie 

Notes from an Endless Sea 

Erin Hill

What Andy Sees

Nostalgia at the stone house

Ink & Brush Creations

Floating Lemons 

Opumo – Editors notes

Kinghorn Glass Studio

Teresa Dominici Art

Meltemi Art

Happy Turtle

Have a good winter and keep warm everyone! (and to my friends in the UK – keep dry!)

7 thoughts on “‘One Lovely Blog’ Award – Thank you!

  1. That’s brilliant Yvonne, you deserve the ‘One Lovely Blog’ title, well done… Also thank you very much for adding me to your top 15! Ahhhh blogging… it all began with ‘Painting (an Icon) in Skiathos’ 🙂 I will return, love and hugs, Carole x


    • Thanks Carole! Lovely to hear rom you…it’s been so long! Of course you’re in my top 15! I do keep up with all the wonderful things you’ve been doing and I can’t wait to get together again and have a lovely long catch-up – I’ve missed you! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Keep warm up there in Bonnie Scotland! Much love, Y. xx


  2. A truly deserved accolade Yvonne, your posts (although rare) are very often inspirational!….. thank you also for thinking of me in your response, recognition will always work to spur one on to greater achievements!…..;)
    Keep well and warm!




    • Thanks so much Andy! Yes, I really must write more often; that’s going to be my New Year’s resolution (well, one of them anyway!). Thanks again for all your support and encouragement throughout the years and for setting the (photography) bar SO high; your work is always such an inspiration, perhaps one day, I’ll come close (and that’s another one!). Have a good Christmas! Much love, Y. xx


  3. Thank you so much for adding my Blog “Teresa Dominici Art” to this page Yvonne. Congratulations on your well deserve award, I am so happy for you, your work is so beautiful and also your Blog.


  4. Well done I’m very glad that your Blog is gaining the recognition it so deserves…then so too should your photography…then so too your art…gosh where do I stop? And I count you among my personal friends…that’s well up on a virtual friend…Love to you both Phil & Barbie


    • OMG! Thank Goodness you wrote, Phil – I KNEW I’d left someone out! I’ve added you to my list (of course!) Apologies, and Many thanks for all your kind words, you’re always so supportive and it’s very much appreciated! Lots of love to you both! xx


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