Bags are packed – I’m ready to go!

Yes, it’s that time again (albeit a little later than usual) but I’m all packed and set to return to the island – more than ready now for some sun, glorious SUN!!

With spring arriving so late here in London this year and a real lack of the usual display of spring flowers in the city parks, what better note to end this long winter on, than with a visit to the Society of Botanical Artists Annual Exhibition.



A profusion of glorious blooms, exquisitely portrayed, currently deck the halls of the Methodist Hall in Westminster, opposite the Abbey:


and I had the good fortune to be invited along to the preview (member’s day) today, by my dear friend the Irish artist, Mary Dillon. It was not only an opportunity to see the exquisite work on display close up but to meet many of the artists I have long-admired too.


Mary with Siobhan Doherty in front of her wonderful work

A full and exciting day ended with us all sharing a meal in Covent Garden and after much excited chatter (and perhaps a few too many bottles of wine) many new friendships have now been firmly formed.


Among them were several eminent botanical artists including: Fiona Strickland ( and her husband Robert McNeil (a recipient of some of this years awards), Deborah Lambkin (of the RHS &  Irish Orchid Society) and several of Mary’s fellow students on the SBA Distance Learning Course who will be graduating tomorrow.

I was also delighted to meet the 2012 Artists and Illustrator’s ‘Artist of the Year’, Linda Alexander ( and Katherine Tyrrell, herself an artist and extremely successful blogger (with over 2 million hits on her very informative art blog:

January and february may have been dull and dreary but to be honest I’ve been a bit too busy to notice. With several commissions, as well as new works for my forthcoming summer exhibition, to complete, including:



there’s been little time for much else but I have managed to squeeze in a few more visits to exhibitions here and there.  ‘Manet’ at the Royal Academy was a real highlight for me – I went several times – and I particularly enjoyed the George Bellows Exhibition, which ran concurrently and will continue until June.

Most of my time however has been taken up with completing the Sculpture Course at Kensington & Chelsea College:


which I’ve really enjoyed – not least because of the wonderful friends and fellow artists I met there:


Our farewell end of term lunch

My first major piece is finally finished and fired:

IMG_0882 and provided a real sense of achievement – especially as the the model approved!IMG_0900 IMG_0903

I’ve yet to collect it and when I do, I’ll definitely be signing up for another course!

Working 3 dimensionally has certainly improved my painting skills too. It helped immensely with a large oil portrait I’d started, as a surprise for a dear friend’s 60th birthday:



Delivering it in person, when we attended his fabulous Birthday bash in Folkestone, gave us the bonus of a wonderful chance to breathe in some fresh sea air and explore the charming seaside town:

IMG_0940 with its beautiful beachesIMG_0958 Quaint old harbourIMG_0965

and elegant georgian and Victorian terraces, along with it’s inspiring and thriving art scene in the cobbled streets of the ‘Creative Quarter’ (see:


Quite a few of the paintings I’ve completed recently were also commissioned for upcoming birthday ‘surprises’ so unfortunately I can’t show them to you just yet…..but I hope that explains why I seem to have all but abandoned this blog for a bit – there just haven’t been enough hours in the day!!

Of course there’s always time for surprise visitors and, thankfully I’ve had a few of those too. My dear friends from Skiathos, Matt & Kees,  hopped across from Holland (where they spend their winters)


arriving with arms full of tulips, delicious waffles and huge hunks of Gouda cheese!

IMG_0755 IMG_0768

IMG_0763They were the most considerate and delightful house guests, and it was simply wonderful to have an opportunity to show them ‘my’ London.

IMG_0720In just a few days we covered every inch from  Portobello Road, Oxford St. (including the paintings of the Dutch school in the Wallace Collection) and St Christopher’s Place:


to Covent garden

IMG_0744 and, like China town just after the New Year celebrations,



they brightened up our days no end – bringing some very welcome colour and laughter into an unusually cold and long drawn out winter!

Now the time has come to return to the island and prepare the villa and studio for the summer ahead. I’m looking forward to seeing all the familiar friendly faces again and get ready to welcome a new stream of visitors.

But first there’s the Orthodox Easter to celebrate at the beginning of May and, falling so late this year, it promises to be quite an event –  guaranteed to be sunny for once and well-attended too, as the first tourists of the season will already have arrived.

The wildflowers will be out in profusion, carpeting the hillsides in great swathes of colour.

Ooh, I can hardly wait!

Skiathos here I come!

10 thoughts on “Bags are packed – I’m ready to go!

  1. A wonderful and inspiring blog Yvonne. As I sit in NZ looking out at the rolling hills and sheep, the Greek summer seems a distant memory…. but not for long…. Absolutely love the portrait and the pebbles, not to mention the beautiful sculpture. How can just one person have so many talents I ask?! Hope to see you soon. Jxx


    • I hope so too, Jackie! Any plans yet? I can’t wait to hear all about it and how your new married life is going (if the photos are anything to go by, it’s ‘perfectly’; you look absolutely RADIANT!!!! Enjoy the rest of your stay (and thank you for your lovely comments!!). Much love to you both! xxx


  2. Great gallery from UK …. I wouldn’t mind going to Greece neither, it’s so cold and bitter over here. What sun that is warm and cozy. Interesting and busy visit – Folkestone can have it good days .. but more bad once, lived in Dover and I can’t say Folkestone did very often for me, but your photos tells another story. Enjoy .. beautiful Greece and .. home sweet home.


    • Thank you Viveka! I too have mixed memories of the south coast seaside towns (I worked in Margate and lived in Hastings for a while) both pretty bleak at the time, which made my discovery of Folkestone today, all the more surprising! Well worth a visit now! Keep warm and if it doesn’t brighten up soon where you are, why not come and join me? You’d be most welcome!x


      • I suppose that Folkestone has changed like anywhere else – for me was it like a time capsule. Lived in Brighton for 6 years and that I really enjoyed. Hasting and Margate, both nice places …
        Travel safely and thanks for sharing your time in UK with us. Yes, why not come and join you ????


  3. The exhibition looks fabulous and how lovely to see Mary too 🙂 I have been waiting for Dudmaston Hall to reopen (which it has now) and I am planning on visiting the botany room….it has collections by Lady Labouchere, John Nash, Mary Grierson, and P. Francis Hunt. I didn’t realise until I went researching this month. I will enjoy that although personally I have done nothing! Zilcho, nada haha. I think the cold has crept into my inspiration gene 😉 Fanatastic work on the sculpture…it really does capture her beautiful bone structure. I love the pebbles too…..
    Your friends look as though they had a lovely time….and what beautiful tulips! I cannot blame you for looking forward to Skiathos now, it has been a long winter. Meanwhile don’t forget to take lots of pics when you get back. I miss it and everyone 🙂 Kalo taxidi XXX


    • Thanks Chrissy, will do! I thought about you a lot yesterday, I knew how much you would have enjoyed the exhibition and, although tempted myself, I also thought the distance course was something you should consider doing – it really would suit you perfectly!! Mary is very involved, on the steering committee, with the setting up of the Irish Botanical Artist Society and is completely happy and well, which is lovely to see!Her work is amazing!It was really a special day and I loved meeting all the artists who had come from far and wide; not only Ireland,Scotland and Wales but Hong Kong and Canada too!Such an inspiring and generous bunch! Hope to see you back on the island soon! xx


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