Mourning, Miracles & Magic. Xristos Anesti!

Hello again! I don’t know about you (and if you’re very religious or a regular church go-er it’s unlikely you’ll be able to relate to this) but over the last few years, for me anyway, Easter has become a bit … Continue reading

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“Yvonne’s World”

‘Yvonne’s World’ Digital painting by Beth Edwards (1stAngel) How many times have you heard this: “Attention! Ladies and Gentlemen. This store will be closing in 20 minutes. Please proceed immediately to the nearest checkout with your purchases and exit through … Continue reading

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Xronia Polla!

T0day, Skiathos celebrated Greece’s Independence Day. A very brief history lesson : Being one of the holiest days in the Greek calendar, Orthodox Christians draw inspiration from the Annunciation of the Theotokos.  It was on this day that Archangel Gabriel … Continue reading

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So near – yet oh so far!

Here we are, May 1st already(!) – Labour Day. Yet ANOTHER public holiday and that means (deep sigh) yet ANOTHER day without progress!
There have been so many delays this month, I’m beginning to wonder if the construction at Villa Nicara will ever reach completion!

With the first guest arriving on May 18th, I’m really anxious now to return to Skiathos and check the progress that’s been made (hopefully!) in my absence. I’ve re-furbished several properties over the years so I’ve plenty of experience of the seemingly-endless, slow progress that’s inevitable in the middle of any build. But now that we’re nearing the end, it should all fall into place pretty quickly (though with only 2 &1/2 weeks to go, it may be I’m being a bit optimistic!)
I arrive back next Tuesday (May 6th) so I’ll take new photos as soon as I can and keep you posted.

I hear the weather on Skiathos has begun to brighten up at last, after the rains and wind that wreaked havoc on the island over the Easter break. The Art Exhibition had to be moved to the other end of the old port for protection from the elements and although well-attended, I understand the sales and target of funds (being raised for charity) were disappointing.

As a result, an evening musical recital was arranged in the Bourtzi itself this week, the paintings went on display again and some were finally sold. I’ve heard the Bishop from the Evangelistra Monastery himself purchased both of my contributions so I’m absolutely delighted! It’s inspired me to complete a couple of paintings that I started before I left:

‘Fishing Boats in Skiathos Harbour’ (in progress)

‘Oxi Day – Oct. 27th’ (in progress)

After this break, my head is now so full of new ideas and inspiration that I can’t wait to return to my studio and pick up my brushes again. Surrounded by the noise and dust of a building site or not, peace and tranquility reign supreme inside the art studio and I can’t wait to get back to it (and some sunshine – it will be very welcome after the miserable downpours and grey skies we’ve been having here in London the last few days!). Ah, Roll on Tuesday!

National Day Parade

Greece’s National day on Tuesday March 25th was great fun though quite a formal occasion. A parade along the Paralia (old port) by the local school children was overseen by the local dignitaries and patriotic, flag-waving spectators and was lead by the local Brass marching band. There followed a wonderful Greekfolk dance display in local traditional costumes to live music. It was a colourful spectacle, not to be missed.