Bags are packed – I’m ready to go!

Yes, it’s that time again (albeit a little later than usual) but I’m all packed and set to return to the island – more than ready now for some sun, glorious SUN!! With spring arriving so late here in London … Continue reading

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‘Brass-necked’? I wish! ‘Brassed-off’, more like…..

Sorry folks – I didn’t mean to be silent for so long…but then I never intended to fall flat on my face (twice!) either –  and knock my 5th vertebrae out of alignment in the process!. Yes, I’ve been in … Continue reading

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Kalo Paska!

It was Mark Twain who said: “In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.” Well, that’s certainly true of this year ! I have never known such changeable … Continue reading

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“Water, water, everywhere …..”

A strange thing to say, you may think, given that I am living on a lush green island after all. But how many of us take that precious commodity for granted? I know when I’m in London, if I need … Continue reading

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Xronia Polla!

T0day, Skiathos celebrated Greece’s Independence Day. A very brief history lesson : Being one of the holiest days in the Greek calendar, Orthodox Christians draw inspiration from the Annunciation of the Theotokos.  It was on this day that Archangel Gabriel … Continue reading

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There’s purple – and there’s purple!

The weather here on Skiathos is so changeable at the moment. Throwing open the shutters first thing, through the lilac haze of dawn I can just see the sun breaking through with a promise of a glorious sunny and warm … Continue reading

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As I’m in London only a few more days and given how passionate I am (and hopefully you are too!) about all things Greek, ancient and modern, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the ‘Byzantium 330-1453’ exhibition which … Continue reading

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Spring’s on it’s way!

No painting for me today. The sun was shining gloriously and I just couldn’t stay indoors. What a hive of activity in the garden! My day began at first light when I was rudely awoken by hundreds of screeching seagulls circling overhead.


The flocks were ducking and diving in no particular pattern;  erratic, angry, like a mass disorganised rally –  in the sky. I’ve no idea what was upsetting them but while the sun was shining on land, the sea was in turmoil and blanketed in a thick fog. Perhaps that was the reason. Eventually the skies cleared and I ventured, camera in hand, in search of signs of spring – and there were plenty.


The bees were busily buzzing…..


Buds were bursting forth


And blossoms…..


were blooming…






Easter Art Exhibition & Skiathos TV

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I got through the most frustrating moments of the building project by retreating into the art studio to lose myself in painting. I had to complete 2 canvasses before I left, for the forthcoming Art Exhibition which (weather permitting!) will be held on the Bourtzi on (Greek) Easter Saturday; April 26th. The theme is ‘On the Wing’ and more than 20 local artists are donating their paintings of birds. Here are my contributions:

Peacock at Evangelistra

‘Peacock at Evangelistra’

‘Guinea Fowl’

There will also be a wonderful display of decorative eggs (including several beautiful antique ones) and many of the islanders and their children have been busily decorating eggs to sell on the day. There will be an introductory talk of the significance of the egg and its history in this, the most important date in the Greek Orthodox calendar. All proceeds this year will go to charity for local children with special needs. I was delighted to be invited onto the Art Committee that was set up to organize the event and along with all the usual wonderful traditional Easter festivities, that draw so many visitors to the island each year, all in all it promises to be a wonderful occasion. I’m only sorry to be missing the celebrations myself this year.


One of the highlights of this trip was when I was invited to appear on Skiathos TV again – this time to give a demonstration on FLOWER PAINTING, as a guest of my friend, fellow artist Despina Mtselou. With my command of the Greek language still being so poor (but improving all the time!!), she kindly translated for me as I showed various techniques using acrylics and water colour. During the 45 minute programme, I painted several spring flowers including poppies, tulips and pansies that are abundant all over the island at this time of year. As soon as I can figure out how to do it, I will add a short clip from the DVD.

This was the final and largest painting, in acrylics on canvas, of irises. It now hangs in the foyer of the TV studio!