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162 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Hi Yvonne. I love the description of your studio and life on Skiathos and would very much like to come for a painting holiday this summer, hopefully in May. I would be coming alone and like the sound of an unstructured timetable, so I can decide on studio time/tuition on a casual basis, depending obviously on you. I suspect it would be a few hours a day as time seems to disappear when I start painting. I’ve been painting on and off for a couple of years, mainly the sea, using acrylics, just enjoying myself splashing around with colour and often with unpredictable results.

    On a previous painting course in Italy I took acrylics but found they dried immediately on the palette and were unusable, even aft spraying with water. Do you have a solution to that?

    Please send me an info pack and let me know if end May would be doable, or if not, when. Which airport do you fly from? I live in Weymouth so could use Southampton, but there’s no helpful info on line. Or London. Could you also let me have some info about local hotels. I’m vegetarian but I guess that’s not going to be a problem with Greek food!

    I really hope we can fix something up – it all sounds idyllic!
    Jane W


  2. Hello Yvonne, can you give me some guidance on the costs of a painting course with you – per day or per week, or however you organise this? Likely to be two people, and will find their accommodate through your list.


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