Sept. 2009 – ‘Introduction to Drawing & Painting’ with Yvonne Ayoub

IMG_3138 IMG_3140

The course begins with a series of discussions and exercises in the studio, to establish YOUR ‘artist within’, identify YOUR OWN personal colour palette and equip you with the wherewithal to find your own path and style, with confidence.

IMG_3143 IMG_3144

This is followed by an insight to of the basic principles (line, form, perspective, colour theory and practise, design i.e composition) and an exploration of a variety of mediums (watercolour, acrylics, oil painting etc) and techniques (such as glazing) – as laid down by the Great Masters.

Before venturing out to sketch and paint en plein air:

IMG_3255 IMG_3256

In picturesque Skiathos Old Town:

IMG_3282 IMG_3284

And at any of the renowned beauty spots, around the island

IMG_0005 IMG_0006


IMG_0016 IMG_0011IMG_3237

With spectacular results!

There’s plenty of free time for relaxation:

IMG_2490 IMG_2914

Eating and drinking!

IMG_2938 IMG_3146

and the all important socialising too:

DSCF0047 DSCF0048

IMG_3224 IMG_3230

IMG_3148 IMG_3630

And excursions, such as the boat trip to neighbouring islands of Skopelos and Alonnissos:

IMG_3178 IMG_3155

IMG_3154 IMG_3157

Leaving Skiathos behind, we head out to sea…

IMG_3404 IMG_3407

In the safe hands of Captain Kyriakos and the crew of the Aghios Nicholas.

Throughout the trip, our guide, Victoria Sandels – a mine of information-  points out all the historical and folkloric spots along the way (including all the now famous locations where the film ‘Mamma Mia!’ was shot!)

Passing through the waters of what has now been designated a World Marine Heritage site, we sometimes come across playful dolphins, swimming alongside.

If we’re very lucky we may even spot the shy Mediterranean monkfish seal – now a protected species.

Our first stop is Patitiri Harbour on Alonnissos:

IMG_3204 IMG_3216

Where a coach awaits to take us up the mountain to the once abandoned, but now beautifully restored, ‘old town’:

IMG_3437 IMG_3435

the views from the top are as spectacular…

IMG_3484 IMG_3485

as the village is picturesque:

IMG_3438 IMG_3495 IMG_3481 IMG_3443

Everywhere is a riot of colour!

IMG_3516 IMG_3508

IMG_3472 IMG_3532

IMG_3467 IMG_3500 IMG_3502

Then it’s back to boat for the next leg, to Chora (Skopelos Harbour)

IMG_3556 IMG_3571

Gliding through the impossibly turquiose waters, that are typical of late September, as we near the largest island of the Sporades

IMG_3584 IMG_3593 IMG_3591

The beautiful town, protected from the elements in its natural harbour teeming with colourful fishing boats, is where we stop for lunch with the crew

IMG_3602 IMG_3600

Freshly caught and deep fried Threpsala (like squid) and delicacies such as courgette flowers stuffed with rice, accompanied by the obligatory ouzo, is the order of the day

IMG_3605 IMG_3603

At this typical ‘Ouzeria’

IMG_3599 IMG_3610 2

Then a chance to explore the old town with it’s hundreds of tiny churches and pottery stores through a maze of narrow passage ways and cobbled streets, before

climbing back on board for the journey home:

IMG_3222 IMG_3223

Heading towards the setting sun after a weary but wonderful day…


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